Jumeirah Golf Estates & Lime Tree Valley Villa

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The Garden Design

The overall architectural Design theme in the residential area of Lime Tree Valley is classical with Mediterranean elements. The Design of House and Garden therefore crates a unique Blend of modern and classical Themes. Decorative Moldings and Corniches along the Walls and Boundary with classic Columns frame the exterior of the Villa along with lines of Columnar Cyprus Trees. Bright shades of Green, White and Cream tones with accents of dark grey and wood are the main colors of the Exterior.

When approaching the Villa, a Water Fountain combined with a Fire Bowl marks the white cement-paved Driveway which is designed with large Squares of Grass and Floor lights. Topiary trees outline the decorative Grass and white Pebble areas that form the classical Garden. Two Palm trees on the left and right of the Villa round-out the visual composition.

On the Backside Garden a large white Pergola canopies the luxurious Seating Lounge, BBQ Dining and Breakfast Terraces. 

Main feature is the wide Infinity Pool that merges the Garden into the Backdrop Landscape of the Golf Course.  A Wooden Deck borders the Sukabumi-tiled Pool and conceals the retractable Outdoor Cinema Screen. Sunbeds inside the Pool invite to bask in the Sun as modern Mashrabiya panels serve a Privacy Shield from the neighboring Plots.

The Dining Area can host up to 12 Persons on the large Table next to the marble finished Barbeque Counter with its integrated wood fired Pizza Oven.

Christian Mewes