Retail Interior Design: Store of Value

WDM Velazquez shop photo 4 Fron t scaled

Interior Designer inspiration comes in different ways. For this small gem called Store of Value in heart of Salamanca district in Madrid, inspiration came from store function. Store where trading with gold is it’s main purpose gave international designers behind World Design Team easy task in choosing initial design direction.

Two levels of this tiny store separated design, one level more luxurious for reception and lower office level with bank look and clean lines. Distinct separation is noticed in selection of materials and colors as well. Retail design of upper level with big gold stone representing gold in its raw state and royal blue furniture gives bold statement, as bold as business its self is. Concrete finish on wall gives clear balance to strong gold color, with contrasts of raw walls and shiny finishes of brass bank security boxes and other brass details.

But nothing can compare to Retail  Interior Design of a lower level, were a pretty small space was transformed into colder bank look, and where black mirrors, and glossy finish is used on each surface expanding space and giving it a futuristic look. The most amazing surprise awaits you when you see a huge wall with retro vault design behind office tables, statement that gives character to small office design.

If you find yourself wandering in the streets of Madrid one day and in a need of gold, this is the place to enter and enjoy some good retail design.

– Snezana Stanic